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Kiwan pointed out that there is a plan for rehabilitating 17 schools spread throughout the province with a cost nearing SYP 48,353 million.
There is a specialised centre in Saudi Arabia, but most GCC countries lack a specialised centre for rehabilitating drug addicts.
Insituform will complete the work in Victoria in 26 installations, rehabilitating 13,900 feet of 20-inch, 550 feet of 24-inch and 300 feet of 8-inch water lines.
Cummins said about 50 people and organizations have been illegally rehabilitating thousands of wild animals each year in the county.
Stopping and rehabilitating one vandal could mean seven fewer instances of criminal damage.
Because the state mandates that counties reduce the amount of refuse materials produced, the opportunity arises to take things like yard waste, construction waste, and even food waste and compost it for rehabilitating degraded sites.
Department of the Interior, has released a report, Federal Tax Incentives for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings, that summarizes the positive effects of the historic preservation program started 25 years ago.
Some states administer programs that provide tax credits to assist developers with the cost of rehabilitating historic properties.
In 1989/90 the provincial Ministry of Northern Development and Mines revised the provincial Mining Act to ensure that mining companies would be responsible for rehabilitating their mine tailings.
With the increased emphasis on adult needs and RSA's recent priority for funding programs for rehabilitating adolescents and adults with SLD, the future looks brighter for these persons.
In addition to rehabilitating the mine, General Mining will proceed to obtain all necessary licenses from the requisite Federal and State authorities to allow it to complete the rehabilitation and commence mining operations.