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Arthur Barker, leader of Hambleton District Council, who speaks for the six district councils, said: "The county council is rehashing claims it has made in the past.
Even the fine preface by Abram, which quite rightly asserts the pre-eminence of architecture in the Perret firm's priorities, is an old piece of work, rehashing an essay that appeared for English readers in Construction History for 1987.
Smith's rendition of Morrison's life is satisfactory as an introduction, but the biographical information on Morrison, a rehashing of well-known and oft-repeated facts, calls to mind the critical need of a comprehensive biography.
which produces the drug, accuse Epstein of rehashing concerns he raised in 1994, which they reviewed and disputed at the time.
But the novel is indeed an unoriginal rehashing of the work of many others.
Endlessly cooking and rehashing data to fine-tune minute interpretations of aggregate statistical relationships in a self-consciously depoliticized way are alternatives to clear and direct arguments about inequality.
The existence of these works also raises the question of how valuable is the author's overall effort in rehashing well-known episodes in this period's history.
In the end, one must consider whether this work is rehashing an old art-historical question.
The Window Seat provides a great venue for sharing advice, asking questions and rehashing your favorite travel stories.
Now that Moti Sagar plans to turn Hum Dil De Chuke Sanaminto a TV serial, we look at TV shows that are already rehashing film stories
Hence, the value of Poitier's latest offering comes not in its rehashing of old tales of Hollywood's dream factories but in his numerous revelations about Poitier the father, the activist, the spiritual seeker.
Leach is pretty good at rehashing this depressing trajectory from flaneur to couch potato.