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Frank's faint remonstrances were rejected without a hearing; the days and hours of rehearsal were carefully noted down on the covers of the parts; and the Marrables took their leave, with a perfect explosion of thanks -- father, mother, and daughter sowing their expressions of gratitude broadcast, from the drawing-room door to the garden-gates.
The railway conveyed the three, in excellent time, to Evergreen Lodge; and at one o'clock the rehearsal began.
in particular, rehearsals had just reached that stage of brisk delirium when the author toys with his bottle of poison and the stage-manager becomes icily polite.
His woodenness was, however, confined to stage rehearsals.
The rehearsals,' admitted Mr Mifflin, handsomely, 'weren't perfect; but you wait.
There was a rehearsal at the Beach Theatre that evening.
I've just come back from a rehearsal,' he said, seating himself beside her.
Wilton Davis's temper was short and his hand heavy throughout the rehearsal, as the shrill yelps of pain from the lagging and stupid attested.
She had an instinctive sense of what was pleasing and proper, always said the right thing to the right person, did just what suited the time and place, and was so self-possessed that her sisters used to say, "If Amy went to court without any rehearsal beforehand, she'd know exactly what to do.
It seemed like a rehearsal of her own life, terrible in its vividness.
Children and teenagers who attend school outside of the North Lincoln County can participate in the production for a $50 registration fee covering all rehearsals and performances.
He said that such a rehearsals was essential to prepare for emergency situation and to ensure security in the federal capital.