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McGrath will visit the dance studio Friday afternoon to rehearse the song and dance routines that will be featured in Saturday's shows, which will open the New Pine Knob's second season under management of The Palace.
Oh, and she is also organist at the Clayton West Methodist Church where Hobson's Chorus rehearses.
We couldn't remember the lyrics to No Matter What and had to write them down on a napkin then rehearse it in the toilet.
Job Description: Kyla describes her typical work day as the following: "Go to work, school for an hour, rehearse for three hours, school again, lunch, then rehearsal and then run-through with producers and writers, and then school for another hour.
Kevin Wood, chief executive of production company First Family Entertainment, said: "We took the decision to rehearse in London because the whole production company is based there.
30pm, then go to the ECHO arena to rehearse with the artists, and come back to the studios until about 9pm.
We wanted to rehearse two major situations, and we are grateful to Central Trains and Worcester Rugby Club for letting us use their facilities.
For five Saturdays before Salstein's debut, they met early in the morning at ABT's New York studios to rehearse.
How do you rehearse when you live in different cities and countries?
The 8-11 year olds will rehearse from 10amto noon and the 12-19 years will rehearse 1pm to 3pm on both days, with both age groups coming together for a performance at 6pm on the Thursday.
As Murphy and Stiefel rehearse William Forsythe's idiosyncratic work-withinwork, it's clear that they each have their own perspective on how to the job done.