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Further, 18 new directors has been rehired to Crown Fibre Holdings, the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand, Christchurch International Airport, Hawke s Bay Airport, KiwiRail, Landcorp, MetService, Quotable Value and Transpower.
New figures released to Parliament showed that since May 2010, 3,950 of the 21,100 axed NHS managers had been rehired.
Of these, 2568 were rehired in the same year and 432 were rehired within 28 days of receiving their NHS redundancy pay-off.
Some 17 per cent of staff have been rehired in similar jobs or as consultants, some within 28 days.
In a written Parliamentary answer, the health minister said: "Figures are not currently available for those staff made redundant and rehired only from primary care trusts, nor those made redundant and rehired in the North East due to technical problems with the department's reporting mechanism.
Cheryl Cole was hired, fired, then apparently rehired but it has now been officially confirmed she will not be returning to the X Factor USA.
After Humphries ruled in March that the firing wasn't proper, Bishop State rehired Thomas as a teacher at an annual salary of $67,317, according to a spokeswoman for Alabama's two-year college system.
However, Kellogg found it a bit harder to digest Sabhlok's claim that he was not rehired because of his age.
The former TWA flight attendants lost their jobs following the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001 and, from October, the first of around 2,900 attendants will lose their right to be rehired at American Airlines.
Book Two contains more information about the actual life and experiences of a media actor and the requirements and expectations that make a professional actor successful, or at least, likely to be rehired.
That's right: The economy shifted into making computers instead and, assuming companies didn't move operations to Mexico or Malaysia, the workers were retrained and rehired.