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Lactobacillus GG administered in oral rehydration solution in children with acute diarrhoea: a multi-centre European trial.
Research in Peru has shown that fortifying oral rehydration solution with two of the primary protective proteins in breast milk, lactoferrin and lysozyme, lessens the duration of diarrhea and reduces the rate of recurrence.
Slight shrinkage can lead to a reduction in the rehydration ratio, but with no great effect on appearance.
Oral rehydration therapy: a lesson from the developing world.
Many parts of the remains were translucent and fibrous, and they retained their elasticity after repeated cycles of dehydration and rehydration.
Since it is widely accepted that dehydration is detrimental to work performance (4,5,6), adequate rehydration between multiple work bouts in the heat is mandatory.
World Water Day is part of UNICEF's work to supply oral rehydration salts, water purification tablets and fresh water pumps and prevent 3.
A LIVERPOOL company is helping to relieve the effects of the heat wave on factory workers across the region by supplying a rehydration energy drink called Kayline.
The Q&A Frizz offers rapid rehydration shampoo (pounds 4.
What's more, there is little need for rapid, massive post-race rehydration.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Simply adding L-histidine to rice-based oral rehydration solution could greatly reduce deaths related to cholera, Dr.
After warming and rehydration, he was released without hospitalization.