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A properly documented (substantiated) business-purpose travel and lodging activity, whether reimbursed or occurring at a corporate apartment, would have the same result--it would not affect the staff's personal income tax situation (i.
Individuals serving on the ASB are compensated for their time and are reimbursed for travel expenses.
In the deposition obtained by the Daily News, Rohlfing said the firm may have reimbursed five or six workers in Fleishman-Hillard's Los Angeles office for contributions to local political campaigns.
However revenue ruling 2003-102 also allows for the reimbursement and exclusion from income of amounts employees spend on over-the-counter medications such as cold medicines, pregnancy test kits or antacids not reimbursed by insurance or otherwise.
health care expenses that are not reimbursed by a company's insurance plan;
Under a new rule from the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), which oversees Medicare and the federal part of the Medicaid program, physicians will be reimbursed directly for certain care plan oversight services for home care patients under Medicare Part A.
11) Legislatures vote on and make law those conditions and procedures that will not be reimbursed when funds drop to certain levels.
Content Outline: Executive Summary Introduction Billing/Reimbursement Options Corporate Liability Personal Liability Use of Corporate Agreements Business Productivity Tools Mobile Voice Services for Business Mobile Data Services for Business Who Pays, Who is Liable, and Who Benefits Corporate Liable--Business and Personal Corporate Liable--Personal Reimbursed Individual Liable--Business Reimbursed Individual Liable--Business and Personal Reimbursed Individual Liable--Not Reimbursed Implications for Wireless Carriers Conclusion: 56% of Employers Work to Save Money on Wireless Bills, No Matter How Much It Costs Methodology Survey Approach Respondent Demographics Glossary Related Reports List of Tables Table 1.
Where a loss is reimbursed, the payout is subject to typically large deductibles, co-payments by the insured, and strict project-specific and overall loss limits.
Such covered expenses are first subject to a deductible; additional covered expenses are reimbursed.
Jones ruled that the case against O'Donnell could continue but dismissed charges against six others, including his personal secretary and office administrator, who prosecutors say were reimbursed for their contributions to Hahn.
Generally under section 105(b), an individual excludes from income amounts reimbursed for medical care costs.