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The IRS argued that the couple could not exclude the reimbursements to the husband because no proper plan existed.
These rules, which become effective almost immediately, include provisions concerning work-related transportation reimbursement and per diem allowances.
Because the plan failed on two counts, the reimbursements were reportable as compensation on the employees' Forms W-2 and were subject to withholding and employment taxes.
The reality is that state and federal reimbursement agencies pay nursing homes more to provide low-quality care.
Biotechnology companies and the patients who take their drugs have good reason to focus on the Medicare bill as federal reimbursement rates for such products are likely to change in 2006.
Reimbursements are deductible by employers but are not taxable to employees.
Many of them found that they could receive enhanced reimbursements with the new federal rates and adopted the full phase-in rates immediately.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- Near stability in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) standard mileage rate over a two-year period allowed many employers to bring their mileage reimbursement rates up to the IRS standard, according to a survey of expense reimbursement and business travel policies conducted by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.
The ruling concluded that such coverage and reimbursements are excludible from gross income under Secs.
Revenue ruling 2003-102 clarifies that the exclusion for reimbursements of employees' health expenses is broader than the section 213 itemized deduction for medical expenses.
pdf, can be interpreted as implying that SNFs squander increased reimbursements authorized by Congress.
Private insurers and HMOs have taken a hard line and have driven provider reimbursements down to unsustainable levels.