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Jan Rogerson's Urbansoup L1 Fun, by Grey beats, and Reincarnated Docker, by Kap n Kaos, left
And Astro Boy, the earliest incarnation of Japan's post-World War II faith in technological salvation, is reincarnated as Animatrix, both an offshoot and precursor of Hollywood's "The Matrix.
The reincarnated Ramtha teaches that the human race must free itself from traditional religion.
Moon and his wife consider themselves the "True Parents" of mankind, viewing themselves as a kind of reincarnated Adam and Eve.
AC/DC have been reincarnated in the form of the Datsuns.
the past reincarnated in such modest circumstances.
Blase Bausch veteran dancer Nazareth Panadero (a reincarnated Bette Davis) kissed men--including some in the first row--on the forehead, sighing "It's a job
Now it has been reincarnated, slightly improbably, as the headquarters of Monsoon, a British-based fashion company known for its distinctive, ethnically inspired clothing.
trial in the mid-1980s, has been reincarnated as a dietary supplement--an unusual one, to be sure, since it's not found in nature.
Then there are those that never make it past the two-year mark, But the death of an investment club does not mean that it cannot be reincarnated.
As happened after his famous Playboy interview, where Ventura insulted organized religion and confessed his wish to be reincarnated as a super-sized brassiere, Minnesota's governor has slipped in the polls, from a 71 percent approval rating in January to 57 percent in April.
State and local government officials joined the executives of the reincarnated Burlington Rug Corp.