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Since gonorrhea is often asymptomatic, and since a history of infections prior to 2000 was unavailable, it is likely that these findings underestimate the incidence of gonorrhea infection and reinfection, Mr.
Also, some women with an initial gonorrhea infection may have left the state after their initial infection; thus reinfection in those women would not have been captured, and some women may have moved to the state after an initial infection and thus would not be listed as a repeater.
Cumulative HCV reinfection incidence was 33% within 2 years.
In cases of possible relapse after treatment, perform clade typing to rule out reinfection.
9,13,15,18) These results support the Canadian recommendation to increase screening of young males, the hidden reservoir; this specific measure is regarded as a promising strategy to reduce infections and reinfections among young females.
New molecular tools may help differentiate recurrence and reinfection and clarify the definition of a recurrent case.
Commenting on the findings, the investigators note that reinfections account for a substantial proportion of all gonorrhea infections in this population.
Although not statistically significant, 10 of the 14 reinfections occurred among Black teens.
This is consistent with the idea of reinfection from new partners," Dr.
STD reinfections are particularly serious because they increase susceptibility to HIV (Rosenberg & Gollub, 1992).
Respiratory tract reinfections by the new human metapneumovirus in an immunocompromised child.
We suggest that many HMPV strains may cocirculate in a specific population, and such viral diversity, coupled with waning immunity, as found in elderly and immunocompromised patients, may lead to multiple reinfections similar to HRSV (2,9-12).