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At the sight there was a general reining up of horses and unslinging of guns, while fresh horsemen came galloping up to reinforce the vanguard.
Ogg's, so that she had two points of view from which she could observe the weakness of her fellow-beings, and reinforce her thankfulness for her own exceptional strength of mind.
The study of animals reinforces this conclusion, and is in many ways the best preparation for the analysis of desire.
Commenting on the marketing efforts Istead says, "Our key strategy was to implement a fully integrated communications campaign together with joint promotional activities with our seed company customers which helped build on product awareness, increase brand familiarity, reinforce the value message, and in doing so, retain our customer base and drive sales momentum.
This second plant will reinforce global logistics and product competitiveness by shortening time-to-market for Toshiba's PCs, and also reinforce Toshiba's position in the Chinese market for portable PCs.