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The aim of the paper is consideration of work of concrete and reinforced concrete elements as a force and deformation model.
Numerical analysis of reinforced concrete structures can be carried out by various methods.
A growing emphasis on fuel-efficient vehicles and aircrafts in response to increasing oil prices is expected to propel demand in the carbon fiber reinforced plastics market.
Cookbooks also reinforced traditional ideologies of women's duties in the home by stressing "home cooking".
Churtichaga + Quadra-Salcedo acknowledge a clear debt to Dieste and embrace reinforced brick with great enthusiasm, citing advantages of economy, simplicity and sustainability over other methods of construction.
Eclipse is a three-coat system, reinforced internally, that differs from all other nonsticks in three important aspects:
Thermoset resins will remain dominant, accounting for 63 percent of total reinforced plastics demand in 2007.
The anastomosis was reinforced with fibrin sealant, which created an airtight seal.
Then they filled the holes with reinforced concrete--long steel rods surrounded by concrete, says Udom Hungspruke, one of the structural engineers who helped design the buildings.
Many cars, planes, tennis racquets and other modern accoutrements come off assembly lines at least partly built with composite materials composed of a plastic reinforced with, say, carbon or glass fibers.