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Rounding out the MasterFiber macrosynthetic offerings are MAC Matrix, engineered for secondary reinforcement to control shrinkage, temperature and settlement cracking; MAC 100 for secondary reinforcement and plastic shrinkage control; MAC 100 Plus for secondary reinforcement against cracking; MAC 2200 CB, chemically-enhanced to impart superior bonding and increase structural capacity and toughness; and, 160CB with chemical bonding capability for shotcrete, precast tunnel segments and concrete pipe.
Headquartered in Mount Airy, North Carolina, Insteel is a manufacturer of steel wire reinforcing products for concrete construction applications as well as markets PC strand and welded wire reinforcement, engineered structural mesh, concrete pipe reinforcement as well as standard welded wire reinforcement.
The maintenance of behavior can also be enhanced through the manipulation of the reinforcement schedule during and after initially training the response.
They have investigated the effect of reinforcement corrosion on the nonlinear behaviour and response of RC bridges subject to seismic loading through nonlinear fibre-based finite element analysis [26-28].
Specifically, they prefer choices that 50 % of the time result in a strong conditioned reinforcer (followed by reinforcement 100 % of the time) and 50 % of the time result in a strong conditioned inhibitor (never followed by reinforcement) over those that result in weak conditioned reinforcers (each followed by reinforcement 50 % of the time).
Reinforcement during the intervention phase was initially through the provision of a star selected from a sticker sheet of various coloured stars by the subject herself with each star exchangeable for a candy during the first week (continuous reinforcement) in addition to social reinforcement from staff and family where possible (variable interval).
Furthermore, most corbels without secondary reinforcement fail in shear that displays little or no ductility (Fattuhi 1995).
1 November 2011 - US connectors and fastening systems producer Simpson Manufacturing (NYSE:SSD) said it had agreed to buy Swiss S&P Clever Reinforcement Company AG and S&P Reinforcement International AG for CHF54m (USD61.
Steel reinforcement specialist Hy-Ten assisted on the project at the Forth Valley Acute Hospital.
Acting as an alternative to biologics, GORE[R] BIO-A[R] Tissue Reinforcement is a web of biocompatible synthetic polymers that is gradually absorbed by the body, while its 3D matrix of open, highly-interconnected pores serves as a scaffold for tissue generation and healing.
In the first, or reinforcement, phase, a response, A, is reinforced.
Extra-lightweight Tri-Ply reinforcement from Polystrand Inc.

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