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They had come there in the following manner: That morning we had been heliographed to reinforce the C.
At the sight there was a general reining up of horses and unslinging of guns, while fresh horsemen came galloping up to reinforce the vanguard.
Ogg's, so that she had two points of view from which she could observe the weakness of her fellow-beings, and reinforce her thankfulness for her own exceptional strength of mind.
2) a new glass wall replaces the masonry wall of the existing facade to allow natural light to flood into the lobby during the day, and to project a glowing light to the exterior at night; 3) a lattice of wood slats extending from the north courtyard wall to the rear wall of the Lobby reinforces the transition from the Courtyard to the interior; and 4) the new cast stone interior and exterior paving materially anchors the inside to the outside.
Parents are always the most important teachers and character education in schools reinforces the values that parents work so hard to instill at home.
Mobik will not compete with low-profile composites such as SMC, BMC, Azdel and the like - reinforced plastics in which the matrix carries the load and the fiber reinforces the matrix.
This may or may not be true, but the verbal response is anchored in the way a society reinforces descriptions of pain and other body sensations.
That means they are 'stretchier' than concrete, where a true structural fiber is as stiff as the concrete it reinforces.