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Le diabete endommage les petits vaisseaux sanguins, y compris ceux qui se trouvent a l'interieur des reins.
Cette etude montre en effet qu'une fois arrives au Caire, les migrants se retrouvent plonges dans une situation de vulnerabilite telle que le fait de devenir [beaucoup moins que] courtier[beaucoup plus grand que] ou de revendre son rein apparait comme une issue aisement envisageable.
Owners who grab the reins are not necessarily doing the wrong thing but those who resist the temptation are undeniably doing the right thing.
You speed the horse up and slow it down without taking control of the head" with the reins.
2 : an influence that slows, limits, or holds back <The parents kept their child under a tight rein.
purchased patent rights, and from 1949 to 1964 built the Harris Power-Horse for logging operations, with a larger engine and tires, but no reins.
Curiously, however, as be handed the reins of his magazine over to Frum and his ilk, Buckley quietly admitted that conservatives opposed to the Iraq War had been right all along.
Reins, which operates Gyukaku barbecue chains, is apparently trying to diversify its operations as its mainstay barbecue business has been struggling due to Japan's import ban on U.
Kris stood in her stirrups and nayed, "As an avid horsewoman, I know he handed over the reins (attached to the bridle).
And he would not fully relinquish the reins to his oldest daughter, Marilyn, until he was 84 years old and she was nearly 60.
Most folks, when trying to set the direction of an organization like a parish or a school, or indeed, the universal church, tend to grip the reins tightly.