reins of government

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Emily's commanding spirit seized on the reins of government, and employed each of her schoolfellows in the occupation which she was fittest to undertake.
The three-time premier recalled the dismal state of affairs when the PML-N took the reins of government in 2013.
Commentators on social media wondered how a ruling party could hold a strike, and why they should be protesting when they were holding the reins of government.
He was with the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group as assistant regional chief of Calabarzon in July 2016 when President Duterte took over the reins of government, he recalled.
Funny how this time around, the parties took individual U-turns after swapping the reins of government.
The King expressed his thanks to the people of Makkah region for their expressions of warm welcome during the pledge of allegiance ceremony in celebration of his assuming the reins of Government and in appreciation and recognition of his efforts towards the religion, the homeland and citizens.
He said the appointments reflect the decisive decision-making of the king since he took over the reins of government earlier this year, and would ensure the country's continued development.
On the Independence Day in 2007, President General Emile Lahoud left the presidential palace of Bbda without handing over the reins of government to his successor, and instead of celebrating our Independence we have stepped into the stage of presidential vacuum for the second time in our history after the phase which Lebanon has encountered in 1988 and ended up with the declaration of the Pact of National Agreement.
Pakistan Muslim League, the founding party of the country, has taken over the reins of government with a renewed zeal and determination.
The DPJ took the reins of government after a landslide victory in the election for the more powerful House of Representatives in 2009, ending more than 50 years of almost uninterrupted LDP rule.
According to Romney, the most difficult thing about losing the presidential election was seeing a candidate he believes is unqualified holding the reins of government.
19 -- The four major political parties in Nepal agreed on Monday to handover reins of government to Khil Raj Regmi-the incumbent Supreme Court chief justice.