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The biblical lawgiver had to be reinstalled in two parts because the 8-foot statue wouldn't fit in the elevator.
There is little doubt that this first show at La Maison Rouge was inspired by--in fact based on--Suzanne Page's "Passions Privees," the 1995 exhibition of reinstalled rooms from private collections held at the Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.
Individual elements can be removed and reinstalled.
Recently the museum was completely reinstalled and relabeled.
This might be done in a rental apartment, too, the designer suggests, since they can be easily reinstalled.
The condition existed from December 1989, when this insulation was last reinstalled after a refueling outage, to September 14, 1991.
If the tail rotor blades being removed are to be installed in the same gear box, and the color bands have worn off, use a grease pencil and put index marks on blades, retention plates, pitch control rods, and pitch beam so they are reinstalled in the same clockwise and inboard/outboard positions to minimize rebalancing of the tail rotor.
After the exhibition, the big fence was separated from its shadow and reinstalled on a lawn next to the museum.
According to a July 25th Reuters report, the plaques "have been reinstalled pending legal advice.
Mary Bly took office as president for a second term, Mary Kesselring became first vice president for programs and Jo Kollar was reinstalled as corresponding secretary.
QI HAVE recently reinstalled Windows 98 on my PC, and have lost the DVD player on my Accessories menu.