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Recall that the Senate, on October 24, 2017 asked its committee on public service, internal affairs, anti-corruption, establishment and judiciary to investigate Maina's recall and deployment to the ministry of interior and following a public outcry over the reinstatement, President Muhammadu Buhari ordered his immediate sack and asked the head of the civil service of the federation, Winifred Oyo-Ita to probe the matter.
Senators Grace Poe and Sherwin Gatchalian said the reinstatement of Marcos and his men would tarnish the image of the PNP and send a wrong signal to the police force.
Compared to damages compensation, reinstatement should be used sparingly and only in clear cases.
The minister directed high ups of Population Welfare and Finance Department to prepare proper summary for their reinstatement and enhancement of salaries within three days.
United denied the claim and informed Cardenas that it was rescinding the policy due to misrepresentations it found in the reinstatement application.
Simply put, an employer has a higher burden of establishing a denial of reinstatement under the key employee provision of the FMLA than it would in establishing an undue hardship as a bar to an employee accommodation under the ADA.
In affirming the ALJ's order for temporary reinstatement, the commissioners noted conflicting evidence in the record concerning whether the job evaluations were entirely unrelated to miners' protected activities, and as previously established, it is "not the judge's duty, nor is it the Commission's, to resolve the conflict in testimony at the temporary reinstatement stage of the proceedings.
The reinstatement testing has, at least in India, dissuaded athletes preparing for major competitions from doping even as they are serving a suspension.
A property which is under insured will risk loss in the event of a claim and could result in the insured having to contribute a substantial sum to cover the short fall of the reinstatement costs.
Reinstatement of previously extinguished behavior has been demonstrated in studies across species, including rats (e.
Fourth-quarter earnings will include about $175 million in losses attributable to Sandy, after reinsurance and reinstatement premiums.
com/article/U-of-Virginia-Board-Votes-to/132603/) Sullivan's reinstatement less than three weeks later .