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To restore to a condition that has terminated or been lost; to reestablish.

To reinstate a case, for example, means to restore it to the same position it had before dismissal.


verb bring back, place in a former state, put back, put back into service, reappoint, reconstitute, reestablish, rehabilitate, rehire, reinaugurate, reinstall, remit, replace, reseat, restituere, restore, restore to office, restore to power, return, revest, revive
Associated concepts: reinstate to a job
See also: continue, proceed, reclaim, remit, renew, replace, restore, resume, return, surrender
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The estimate is pretax and net of recoveries and reinstatements.
In the agency's attempt to promote the use of this provision of the Act, they have also stepped up the use of the authority under the Mine Act to request temporary reinstatement for miners who claim unlawful discharge "while [they] fully investigate the case.
In the agreement all parties recognize the progress made on the reinstatements of workers dismissed, and lay out additional agreed steps to resolve the remaining reinstatement issues.
State Life Insurances representatives informed the meeting that they have reinstated all the 14 employees sacked during the period under review while the Federal Board of Education informed that out of 300 such employees 90 have been reinstated so far and the reinstatements letter to other 76 have also been issued.
In that letter he asks if someone could enlighten him about the situation with reinstatements and ironwork in the highway.
Coaches at Burroughs High School in Burbank are expressing concern that their authority has been underminded after three dismissed softball players won reinstatements by appealing to the Burbank Board of Education and district personnel.
Each year, DPS processes an average of 150,000 driver license reinstatements.
The officials said that the committee would probe the matters as how news regarding repealing of judges reinstatements notification were dispersed in the media and from where it was generated.