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I FOUND Clarence alone in his quarters, drowned in melancholy; and in place of the electric light, he had reinstituted the ancient rag-lamp, and sat there in a grisly twilight with all curtains drawn tight.
Psychiatric nursing should be reinstituted as a separate course, like midwifery.
First, New Jersey has not only reinstituted, but also has improved, the Business Employment Incentive Program (BEIP).
After a brief period of penal reform, privatized labor and flogging were reinstituted to punish men accused of crimes.
Four years ago, NAR reinstituted a national fundraising conference in addition to outreach by its six-person political staff, who travel the country to educate members about PAC operations and how RPAC looks out for realtors' interests.
He said: "We've reinstituted both teams having a drink together after the tournament - I don't know why it stopped - and, I don't know about Sam's players, but I'll ensure all of mine turn up.
Meanwhile along about the fourteenth or early fifteenth century, on top of its function as a paideia for preachers, poets, and administrators, rhetoric is reinstituted as a topic of intellectually sophisticated praise or blame.
Reinstituted an exhibit hall at the international conference in June, attracting many exhibitors and contributing to a record-breaking sponsorship year.
BRT reinstituted cash distributions to shareholders in July 2001 at the quarterly rate of $.
Treatment was reinstituted on a regular basis, and she has been free of symptoms.
In the first week, he reinstituted a gag order over international family planning services and announced his intentions to provide taxpayer money to faith-based charities and private and parochial schools.
It's great to see that EMI has reinstituted its low-priced Seraphim line of recordings on CD.