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Even smaller firms with no American business commonly reinsure their operations through major firms like Lloyd's, which now will no longer do reinsurance for shipments to Iran either.
As a result National Indemnity Company now reinsures all Equitas' liabilities; provides a further $5.
Out of 96 captive owners in seven countries, 83 percent said that they plan to use their captives to reinsure the non-U.
Effective January 1, 2007 (effective date) Northwind Re will reinsure, on a modified coinsurance basis, risks attributable to specified individual disability policies issued by or assumed by the ceding insurers.
Equitas was set up to reinsure and run-off the 1992 and prior year's non-life liabilities of Lloyd's syndicates.
The license allows Lloyd's to reinsure local-currency business in China, which represents nearly 90% of the market.
For one thing, the Bermuda company must pay a special "arm's length" premium to reinsure the business, while there's a 1 percent excise tax on premiums reinsured offshore.
Reinsure all Equitas' liabilities; - Provide up to a further US$7 billion of reinsurance cover to Equitas;