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There are some steps insurers can take to force runoff reinsurers to pay claims faster.
In some instances, reinsurers will exclude certain risks, claims or damages that the insurer has accepted under the policy issued to its insured.
reinsurers that are strategically well-positioned versus those that only now are starting to try to define themselves.
TOLIC ranks among the top ten life reinsurance companies in the world based on gross premiums written, according to Standard & Poor's 2005 survey of global reinsurers.
Ceding all or a portion of the risk to reinsurers would help minimize the effect of abnormal attritional or catastrophic losses, which could threaten a microinsurer's financial stability.
insurers expected to recover $171 billion--equivalent to 60 percent of their capital--under contracts with nonaffiliated reinsurers, according to the Standard & Poor's rating agency.
Management indicates that the ceded results of the unaffiliated reinsurers are also very strong.
Recent developments have led to a more rational and disciplined market and generally favor fewer than a dozen strong life reinsurers remaining.
S, reinsurers, termed "port of entry reinsurers," by designated U.
From 1999 to 2003, the total number of North American and Bermuda stop-loss reinsurers has gone from 45 to less than 20, said Al Rusnak, senior vice president with Aon Re Inc.
Over the past few years, six significant multiline reinsurers have commuted virtually all of their exposure back to the primaries that ceded to them.
Some of these statements may be viewed as heretical, but risk managers should be confident that their reinsurers will be riscally sound when the claims come rolling in.