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In a major development regarding sanctions, Lloyd's of London, the world's largest insurer, has announced it will no longer insure or reinsure shipments into Iran of petroleum products.
Equitas, based in London, was established to reinsure and run-off the 1992 and prior years' non-life liabilities of Names, or Underwriters, at Lloyd's.
A PORC has historically defined a captive that reinsures risk of another insurance company with the owner of the PORC producing the insurance risk that is reinsured into its captive.
The EITF reached a consensus that to qualify for reinsurance contract accounting, a contract that reinsures risks arising from short-duration insurance contracts must meet three conditions that relate to qualification as a short-duration contract, risk-transfer issues and the nature of the ultimate premium expected to be paid or received under the contract.
In the case of the CVS transaction, Royal reinsures a residual
Manulife reinsures its plans, so reserves are not a concern, but keeping the market open is critical.