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Researchers have previously learned a lot about how civilians with SCI reintegrate into family and community life, but veterans and servicemembers may approach things much differently.
They also called on the Arab states to provide financial support to the United Nations Trust Fund (UNTF) to support, rehabilitate and reintegrate the victims in order to create a global center for their protection and further the scientific efforts dealing with human rights and disabled persons.
The July 20 conference is a follow-up to a London summit in January, when donors pledged some $160 million for Afghanistan s plans to reintegrate and create jobs for Taliban fighters who renounce violence.
Research among women pregnant for the first time also showed they found it difficult to reintegrate themselves back into work after they had given birth.
Horizon said it will reintegrate the nine aircraft into its fleet to support its current network and expand service.
The Clinic will help to reintegrate and rehabilitate.
Upon arrival back to the Aloha State the team was able to quickly reintegrate into their work environment by being prepared to complete all post-deployment travel documents and participate in the return of deployable inventory.
Deutsche Telekom wants to purchase the remaining 26% of T-Online that it does not own and then reintegrate it into the group as a wholly owned subsidiary.
If NTT is allowed to reintegrate and the rules relating to FTTH are reviewed, Japan's telecommunications market will be ruled once again by a single company.
Masalha not only discusses Israeli 1948 resettlement plans and attempts to reintegrate refugees in the West Bank and Gaza, which proved to be difficult, but he also examines the lack of seriousness the Israeli "approaches" to restitution of property and compensation.