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For getting an ordinary fresh passport or reissue of 60-page passport with 10-year validity (also for minors in 15-18 age group), the revised rate is QR369, against QR225 earlier.
By January, those reissues had sold 13 million copies.
Nevertheless, I have a slew of original Everest records, and these two reissues surpass every one of them in every way.
The extension was supposed to give copyright owners added incentive to reissue classic works in newer formats.
We wanted, of course, to reissue books that were in the public domain," says Hill, "but we also wanted to reissue books, beloved treasures that had been published [in] a less hospitable book climate than the one in which we currently find ourselves.
A Notice of Allowance constitutes a decision from the USPTO to allow a reissue application because the reissue patent application satisfies the statutory requirements of patentability.
This means a company might have to ask a predecessor to reissue its audit report.
The "Deluxe Edition" reissue offers both versions of the album, one on each disc; the Jamaican version restores the original mixes and the two songs that Blackwell cut from the original issue.
In tune with the zeitgeist, Chrysalis/Capitol Records has chosen this moment to reissue the entire vintage Blondie catalog--Blondie (1976), Plastic Letters (1977), Parallel Lines (1978), Eat to the Beat (1979), Auto-american (1980), and The Hunter (1982).
We had fifteen releases that were stylistically diverse: it wasn't a doo-wop label or a label to reissue Boston hardcore," David Grubbs says.
In San Francisco, they're still standing in line for the reissue of Star Wars.
This year's reissue of Will contains an anodyne if humorous summary of Liddy's entry into show business--the debates on the lecture circuit with Timothy Leary, the appearances on Miami VIce, the radio career--and some macho bluster about parachuting with the Israeli Defense Forces.