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Komara provides what appears to be a comprehensive list of LP and CD reissues of the Dial material, and for each piece within the catalog he indicates reissues as well as variant titles - no small task, given the great number of Parker reissues that have appeared, many with less-than-reliable discographic information.
02 Interpretation--An auditor has no obligation to reissue his or her report.
OSI had applied for the reissue patent in February 2008, and on 17 September 2009 the company had announced that the USPTO had issued a "Notice of Allowance" accepting the company's application to correct certain errors relating to the claiming of compounds, other than Tarceva, which had fallen outside of the scope of the main claim of the patent.
Legacy, the reissue arm of Columbia Records, has yet to sell 40,000 copies of any of its five titles.
The Mike Nichols classic went on to gross $250,000 in 35 cities, followed up several months later by Rialto's reissue of "Contempt," which pulled in over $700,000 in 70 cities.
Sony Classical is busy reissuing his old Columbia Masterworks LPs, restoring repertoire not previously available on CD (this is the company's second reissue program since Bernstein's death).
The first is a reissue of demos by The Kill, who play speedy thrashcore with the throaty growls, etc.
Much more worthy is the reissue of the Village People-intensive Can't Stop the Music (Casablanca), which includes the group's appropriately wacky gay anthem "Liberation.