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With the capability to instantly reissue cards, banks and credit unions not only eliminate the time it takes for cardholders to receive a replacement card, but they are also able to tremendously reduce costs associated with reissuance.
Included in the class are persons that paid a title insurance premium to The Fund from February 1, 1999 to September 5, 2005 that should have been, but were not, charged a premium based on the Reissue Rate in connection with (1) a mortgage refinancing; (2) the purchase of unimproved land; and/or (3) the purchase of a property from a seller that purchased that property within three years of your purchase.
He's one of the most popular mastering engineers among consumers of reissues in America today,'' Howard said.
Following the release, according to the Israeli media, the Israeli Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Uri Ariel on Friday said that while Washington's decision to issue a reminder that products imported from the occupied West Bank or the Gaza Strip should not be labeled "Made in Israel" may not necessarily imply a shift in policy, the decision itself --of reissue it -- and its timing were nevertheless "unreasonable, unfair and inappropriate.
Reissue is available to a patent holder seeking to correct certain types of errors associated with its patent.
Cornell announced Tuesday that a reissue of his 1999 album "Euphoria Morning" will come out next month as his originally intended "Euphoria Mourning" -- a difference of one letter but with a significant change of meaning.
He, in a statement here on Tuesday, also reiterated KCCI's sixyear old demand to shut down all prepaid SIMs in one go and reissue them to subscribers' postal addresses which will help get rid of all illegal SIMs.
Medac Phama, the judges upheld a lower court ruling which denied an injunction in the infringement lawsuit against Medac, and the panel ruled that reissue claims did not comply with the original patent doctrine found in 35 U.
Global Banking News-September 10, 2014--Commercial banks in Cleveland reissue cards
Washington, Mar 15 ( ANI ): Led Zeppelin is ready to revisit its old catalog, as they are set to reissue its first three albums as deluxe editions, including previously unreleased tracks.
2) SR8-H1 Reissue, $65 Vans is reissuing the kid-essential SK8-HI, in this trick-or-treat-ready shade of picante orange.
The reissue of Behind the Sofa: Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who will also raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK.