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There are public policy arguments against reissuing the $500 note, particularly because any efficiency gains, such as lower shipment and storage costs, would accrue not only to legitimate users of dollar notes but also to money launderers, tax evaders, and a variety of other lawbreakers who use currency in their criminal activity.
However, financial institutions that have an instant card issuance program in place have complete control of the reissuing process.
But reissuing a live-action movie that's been on video and on television has never been done before on this scale.
Contacting customers, reissuing credit cards and paying insurance claims can cost millions of dollars, but the immediate loss of trust erodes brand equity and customer loyalty.
The only established master at this game, Disney, has a new, comic ``Hercules'' coming out and is reissuing the film that revived the genre, ``The Little Mermaid.
Continental Airlines, the world's sixth-largest airline, needed a solution that could automate the largely manual process of re-pricing and reissuing a ticket following an itinerary change.
The Issuer intends to call the SLNs on their respective call dates, by reissuing new SLNs and using the proceeds from the new issuance to pay down the principal portion of the SLNs being called.
The issuer intends to call the CCNs on their respective call dates, by reissuing new CCNs and using the proceeds from the new issuance to pay down the principal portion of the CCNs being called.
Although the Company addressed the story in its press release yesterday, it is again reissuing that press release below to minimize any further misleading effect caused by the reissuances of the Dow Jones story:
This turnkey solution, available through a secure Web site or interactive voice response (IVR) system, includes complete services for printing and distributing initial W-2's, correcting statements, and reissuing statements.
Reissuing employee stock options will positively affect our employees, while keeping our interests aligned with those of our shareholders.
Now, Columbia Records is reissuing 15 classic titles from the Billy Joel catalog available, for the first time, with 24-bit digitally remastered sound in enhanced packages featuring all original album artwork, unpublished photos and complete lyrics.