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LWVUS is also reissuing a number of our most successful election publications, which Leagues can order and distribute locally.
Soon, African American editors in mainstream publishing houses, who had their own notions of what classic literature was and should be, were reissuing books they considered important and relevant for modern audiences.
Reissuing their two early 7"s (And throwing in some live tracks from a Japan tour) comes the Tri City Thundercats.
In reissuing a report in connection with an IPO, the predecessor is exposed to a risk that didn't exist originally.
DCC was founded in 1986 by Marshall Blonstein, ex-president of the Island and Ode labels, for the purpose of reissuing music that had long been unavailable.
As we celebrate Stonewall 30 this summer, Columbia Records has lovingly spiffed up its own slice of history, reissuing the original cast recordings for six variously entrancing musicals: Cinderella, Flower Drum Song, Gypsy, Sweet Charity, Marne, and No, No, Nanette.
Under the deemed reissuance rule, B is treated as reissuing the obligation to X with a $70 issue price and a $100 stated redemption price at maturity.
Martin's Press next month is reissuing the 1978 "novelization" of The Red Shoes: The Classic Story ($16.
More importantly, instant issuance has given us the ability to ease many of our members' concerns by securely reissuing them a replacement card right away, cutting back on the disruption to daily lifestyles many of these cardholders could otherwise experience.
While not specifically asked in the survey, cumulative data reflect that the average cost for reissuing each debit card is approximately $10-20 per card.
Open to Judgement', 'Resurrection' and 'Wound of Knowledge' by Dr Rowan Williams, the newly named replacement for George Carey as Archbishop of Canterbury are in such demand that publishers Darton, Longman and Todd have responded by reissuing them.