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Referring to her anorexia as the "mess," she understands her condition as a kind of reiterative begging, through seeking approval, as well as striving toward a state of being that "needs no one" (51).
As Creswell (2004: 39) explains, 'place is constituted through reiterative social practice--place is made and remade on a daily basis.
It is a reiterative process that involves extensive reading and rereading of interview transcripts and observation notes, returning multiple times to the relevant literature to inform analysis of transcripts and notes, and continually (re)conceptualizing key themes and codes.
The speaker (or artist) completes this reiterative soundscape by adding a spatial component in the final two lines of the stanza: "Last utterly, the whole sky stands, / Grey and not known, along its path" (ll.
It is more fruitfully seen as a substantive entitlement, in the absence of good reason to treat it as effectively superfluous or reiterative.
This passage sheds light upon another reality, that is, Ida does not only suffer from Fascist discrimination but also from the one she autonomously imposes upon herself, as product of a reiterative social prejudice that inexorably penetrates people's minds and conditions them.
Accuracy of the parcels was greatly improved using a multistep reiterative adjustment procedure as outlined in the methodology.
All transcripts were analyzed by the authors for successful and less successful features of medical communication using a reiterative data-driven approach, adopting a range of techniques and frameworks from discourse analysis, interlanguage pragmatics, and medical communication (Harvey & Adolphs, 2012; Holmes, 2000; Spencer-Oatey, Igik-Guler, & Stadler, 2012).
In the following chapter (4), the fourth-century Egeria initiates a literature of Christian pilgrimage as both collective and ritually reiterative.
Osundare also utilizes the poetic word to produce meaning through the use of some reiterative devises such as repetition, verbal matching, and parallelism.
Prospective collections of tumor tissue samples should be embedded in trial protocols whenever possible to allow proof-of-concept analyses and the development of additional biological hypotheses that could be tested with a reiterative hypothesis-testing approach to therapy.
The reiterative nature of these images--which, to borrow Miriam Hansen's phrase, actually evoke the "vernacular modernism" she identifies in classical Hollywood film--is at some remove from the linear and fact-obsessed nature of Larsson's novel, just as its imposition of a quest narrative structure diverges from Kress's desire to "create .