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The answer made by a defendant in the second stage of Common-Law Pleading that rebuts or denies the assertions made in the plaintiff's replication.

The rejoinder allows a defendant to present a more responsive and specific statement challenging the allegations made against him or her by the plaintiff.


noun answer, counteraccusation, countercharge, counterstatement, defense, plea in rebuttal, reply, response, retort
See also: answer, confutation, contradiction, counterargument, counterclaim, reaction, reply, response

REJOINDER, pleadings. The name of the defendant's answer to the plaintiff's replication.
     2. The general requisites of a rejoinder are, 1. It must be triable. 2. It must not be double, nor will several rejoinders be allowed to the same declaration. 3. It must be certain. 4. It must be direct and positive, and not merely by way of recital or argumentative. 5. it must not be repugnant or insensible. 6. It must be conformable to, and not depart from the plea. Co. Litt. 304; 6 Com. Dig. 185 Archb. Civ. Pl. 278; U. S. Dig, Pleading, XIII.

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In the rejoinder it denied allegations that it tutored witnesses and persons who were being summoned by the JIT.
Moreover, the minor differences Leithner discusses in his rejoinder regarding whether funds are pulled out of an account (as with a check) or pushed (as with a debit card) do not deny that the arguments I make in my response show that MMMFs are money despite not being a final means of payment (which Leithner says money must be and which he uses as his main argument in his review to claim that MMMFs are not money).
In some sense, I agree with Fuller's rejoinder that my MEC is not Keynes's MEC--but for reasons different than Fuller's rejoinder suggests.
In view of the court's declaration and findings that the evidence of guilt is not strong against the accused, therefore, is entitled to bail for his temporary liberty while the cases are pending trial," the rejoinder stated.
A rejoinder was sent and a copy of the same was given to Thampu also.
PADDY Shennan's feature referring to BBC1's Question Time invites a rejoinder (Politics should be about choices - and we need clearer ones, ECHO, March 6).
In Hansen's (2012b) rejoinder, although he acknowledges the importance of considering the role of economics, he vigorously defends his initial positions, which I believe lessens the chances of his vision materializing.
Among their topics are Paul's gospel and the Christ cult question, a rejoinder and some proposals on redescription and theory, Paul's apocalypticism and the Jesus associations at Thessalonica and Corinth, and whether Pauline Christianity resembles a Hellenistic philosophy.
The answer may well surprise you," was the rejoinder.
I TOTALLY agree with Mr Trevor Roberts' rejoinder to Dr Robyn Lewis in the Daily Post dated August 26.
In this sense, my present reply will also be selective, particularly as most of Tajsner's rejoinder is a repetition from his book.
CDATA[ Mohammed Al Madadias sarcastic rejoinder to the air marshals on his flight may cost him his consular job.