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The answer made by a defendant in the second stage of Common-Law Pleading that rebuts or denies the assertions made in the plaintiff's replication.

The rejoinder allows a defendant to present a more responsive and specific statement challenging the allegations made against him or her by the plaintiff.


noun answer, counteraccusation, countercharge, counterstatement, defense, plea in rebuttal, reply, response, retort
See also: answer, confutation, contradiction, counterargument, counterclaim, reaction, reply, response

REJOINDER, pleadings. The name of the defendant's answer to the plaintiff's replication.
     2. The general requisites of a rejoinder are, 1. It must be triable. 2. It must not be double, nor will several rejoinders be allowed to the same declaration. 3. It must be certain. 4. It must be direct and positive, and not merely by way of recital or argumentative. 5. it must not be repugnant or insensible. 6. It must be conformable to, and not depart from the plea. Co. Litt. 304; 6 Com. Dig. 185 Archb. Civ. Pl. 278; U. S. Dig, Pleading, XIII.

References in classic literature ?
I believe this to be a hit at the writer's own countrymen who were of Phocaean descent, and the next following line to be a rejoinder to complaints made against her in bk.
I made an appropriate rejoinder, and he smiled wanly.
He was still bursting with rage, however, at the cruel injustice of Professor Porter's insinuation, and was on the point of rendering a tart rejoinder when his eyes fell upon a strange figure standing a few paces away, scrutinizing them intently.
I don't like him," she added in a tone admitting of no rejoinder and raising her eyebrows.
Caleb made no rejoinder, but presently lowered his spectacles, drew up his chair to the desk, and said, "Deuce take the bill-- I wish it was at Hanover
Sing poor," with which more or less enigmatical rejoinder the Chinaman returned to his work.
No, but that she is loved," was the smiling rejoinder.
It chanced however that, on one of these mornings when the evil mood was upon her, Agatha the young tire-woman, thinking to please her mistress, began also to toss her head and make tart rejoinder to the teacher's questions.
It's a good thing Rachel Lynde got a calling down; she's a meddlesome old gossip," was Matthew's consolatory rejoinder.
In rejoinder to this sally, old Arthur again raised his hands, again chuckled, and again ejaculated 'What a man it is
Markham,' said my fair antagonist, with a pitying smile; and deigning no further rejoinder, she slightly bowed, and was about to withdraw; but her son, with childish impertinence, arrested her by exclaiming, - 'Mamma, you have not shaken hands with Mr.
On looking back, I realize that the remark was too obvious to make rejoinder necessary.