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Intrathecal methotrexate given at least once per systemic treatment cycle has been used for many years however, high-dose IV methotrexate-based prophylaxis may lower incidence of CNS relapses.
It is thought that such relapses result from a sub-clinical level of residual leukaemia known as minimal residual disease (MRD).
3) Till now, after treatment with either 24 or 12 months of MDT, the reported relapse rate in MB cases has been very low, and relapses that do occur tend to be late.
Relapses of Plasmodium vivax infection result from clonal hypnozoites activated at predetermined intervals.
Relapse is common during recovery from alcohol or substance abuse.
Poisson regression, adjusted for occurrence of infections showed that daily administration of prednisolone during infections independently resulted in a 59% reduction in rate of relapses (rate ratio 0.
Median time to relapse after stopping maintenance therapy was 163 days.
Consequently, clinical parameters such as the number of previous relapses and positive family history of substance use emerged as significant determinants of relapse among patients with alcohol as well as opioid dependence, while a shorter time to dependence was significantly associated with relapse among patients of alcohol dependence.
NOORDWIJK, NETHERLANDS -- Vitamin D supplementation was protective against late relapse of melanoma, particularly among patients who carry certain polymorphisms of the vitamin D receptor, Dr.
Five patients experienced [greater than or equal to]1 relapses (maximum 3 relapses).
Over 6 more months, most of those people had fewer relapses and fewer sites of new myelin damage than they had while receiving the placebo, the scientists report in the Sept.
For physicians and other health professionals, the risk of substance abuse relapse was greater in those who used major opioids, had a coexisting psychiatric illness, or had a family history of substance abuse, Karen B.