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Relapses of nephrotic syndrome often follow minor infections, commonly of the upper respiratory tract.
Relapses were generally severe, with a mean PANSS total score of 88.
05) for substance use and higher number of previous relapses (P < 0.
Five patients had 1 malaria attack, and 4 patients had up to 3 relapses.
A drug originally devised to prevent immune rejection of organ transplants can lessen relapses in patients with multiple sclerosis, a new study finds.
Men and women 18-60 years of age with relapsing-remitting MS who have experienced at least two relapses in the previous three years and have never taken a disease-modifying agent are needed as study volunteers.
In a retrospective cohort study of 292 health care professionals enrolled in the Washington Physicians Health Program, an independent posttreatment monitoring program, 25% had at least one relapse, 5% had two relapses, and 3% had three or more relapses.
It's quite a small number of women, and we need to follow more of them for longer lengths of time, but we are concerned that we are starting to see quite a few more relapses," Dr.
In the study, only seven percent of the relapses occurred during the 12-hour period between midnight and noon, while an overwhelming 93 percent of the relapses occurred in the remaining 12 hours, during the afternoon and evening.
However, following a prolonged recovery from this initial acute event and after frequent and intermittent relapses of weakness and paresis, the diagnosis of CIDP was established.
The median survival time for patients with follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is 7-10 years, and relapses are common, therefore, we're aiming to delay progression as long as possible," said Patrick Stiff, M.
vivax relapses after primaquine treatment are exceedingly rare in travelers to South America and are a serious therapeutic challenge.