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Use yours to create something relatable, but most importantly unforgettable for years to come.
Teachings in Star Wars are based on philosophy and relatable life lessons channeled through convincing storytelling and the ways of The Force--that life energy the Jedi and Sith draw their powers from.
These are attractive images, but not very relatable to the gen Xer who is saving for a child's college education or providing care for an aging parent.
The song is written in the voice of a 17th-century privateer, and yet, there's something modern and relatable in the song: "An' I'll brush it off again, pretend that I'm a better man and sail another mile/An' I'll brush it off again, pretend that I'm back home in Dublin where I can't hear the cannon fire.
The opera aims to maintain what the creators would do ordinarily in their artistic disciplines, but in a way that is fun, engaging and relatable to children.
The shy and ineffectual protagonist--a hallmark of Andersen's--is as relatable in English as in Danish.
In an enlightening, relatable, and practical talk, Susan Cain shows us that introverts think and work in ways that are crucial to the survival of today's organizations.
Fans of Tracy Chapman and Ani DiFranco will find plenty to love with this album, as Matthews shares their gifts of telling simultaneously intimate and relatable stories, all while continuing to refine her own unique brand of R&B folk.
I am of the view that the charges against Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani are not relatable to the grounds mentioned in paragraph (g) or (h) of clause (1) of Article 63, therefore, no question of disqualification of Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani from being a member arises under clause (2) of Article 63 of the Constitution," according to the five-page ruling issued by the National Assembly Secretariat.
A well-executed piece is able to make stories relatable, make an impact on viewers and leave a lasting impression with audiences.
Nielsen's Darren Moore said: "This is the year that relatable characters - people like you and me - replaced celebrities in the list of most-liked ads.