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According to RTA, the step is part of the authority's periodic assessment of the performance of road networks, while also taking into account public complaints relating to traffic congestion and shortage of parking spaces in the neighbourhood.
Two comments relating to traffic safety were addressed
Examples of the services covered by the Framework Agreement are investigations, analyzes and compilation of data relating to traffic for different planning stages.
The protocol includes a traffic e-portal, as the development process depends on providing information relating to traffic rates on main streets to citizens.
A similar application for flats was submitted last year but withdrawn due to questions relating to traffic matters after the Kirklees Council's highways department raised concerns.
The evidence relating to traffic speeds is incontrovertible.
Elcil questioned in which other independent country in the world would an ambassador interfere in matters relating to traffic.
Other suggestions relating to traffic or people crossing the ring road causing the traffic to be halted are equally certain to create hazards.
The contestants answered questions relating to traffic as they have benefited from various traffic awareness programmes during the different stages of the campaign's third edition.
I work for Lane County and work with citizens on issues relating to traffic safety, complaints and requests.
Penalties relating to traffic lights and speeding offences at speed limit zones will also be clarified.
Inspection teams will visit a minimum of 30 sites in each of the six local authority areas, looking at issues relating to traffic management and gas safety at each site.