relationship between persons

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In "All Happy Families," Sanchez noted that "the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA] stipulates that 'the United States Constitution shall not be construed to require any state or territory to give effect to any public act, record, or judicial proceeding respecting a relationship between persons of the same sex that is treated as a marriage under the laws of another state or territory.
Such questions in turn trigger consideration of deep philosophical problems, such as the nature of suffering (Gary Culpepper, 80-82), the relationship between persons and natures, especially in the context of mysteries such as Christ's agony in the garden (Paul Gondreau, 214-45), and his cry of dereliction (Bruce D.
But of course partnership, at its most basic level, is a relationship between persons, and we as people are dynamic, wonderful, unpredictable.
The dynamic relationship between persons, environments, and occupation is well known to occupational therapists (Law, Cooper, Strong, Stewart, Rigby, & Letts, 1996), as is the fact that "Changes in any of these areas will influence a person's performance in, and satisfaction with, their occupations" (Law, Polatajko, Baptiste, & Townsend, 2002, p.
Of outstanding interest is chapter 4 where the author discusses the relationship between persons, spaces, and images and suggests a pattern of movement from an outer realm marked by disease and death to an interior realm that promised a remedy for body and soul.
Jen has been translated as love, benevolence, humanity, human-heartedness, virtue, perfect virtue, true manhood, and humaneness; it also signifies the ideal relationship between persons.
These articles provide a comprehensive review of the field of material culture, which studies the relationship between persons and things in the past and present in societies across the globe.
This chapter and the next are especially concerned with the relationship between persons and their communities, and then the relationship between different communities.
In addition, Green and colleagues (1995) note that positive interactions occurring early in the relationship between persons with and without disabilities tend to "minimize the perception of differences, and result in an optimistic attitude toward friendship development" (p.
Univariate analysis of factors associated with transmission unconfirmed by DNA fingerprinting in tuberculosis case pairs identified in contact investigations in seven sites, 1996-2000 Transmission Variable unconfirmed (%) (n=156) Relationship between persons in case pairs Shared household 80 (51) Friends/social 55 (35) Shared workplace 11 (7) Other 10 (6) Characteristics of source cases Sputum smear-negative 56 (36) Cavitary disease 64 (41) Characteristics of secondary cases Foreign-born 73 (47) Previous tuberculosis 5 (3.
Victoria -- British Columbia's NDP government has introduced Bill 31, "An Act to Amend the Family Relations Act," which will change the definition of "spouse" and "parent" to include "the marriage-like relationship between persons of the same gender.
We" also denotes togetherness; it indicates a relationship between persons.

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