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Descriptive statistics for the relative density (Dr) of the studied soils at 5-10 cm depth N, Number of samples; s.
Relative frequency, relative density, relative abundance, importance value, basal area, and density of trees following a wildfire in the Dugger Mountain Wilderness, Talladega National Forest, Alabama.
Since the thinning at establishment systematically removed 50 or 75 percent of the trees, a high relative density of the residual stand reflects a high relative density and high level of site use by the stand prior to treatment.
Overall density (X1000) and relative density of freshwater mussels in the Clinton River (SE Michigan) in 1978 and 2004 based on living mussel data only.
Relative dominance, relative density, relative frequency, and importance index values reveal that the communities are not dominated by any single species (indicative of high species evenness).
Given the differences in cell density between water and stomach samples, statistical comparisons were based on relative density values (percentage of cell number) to obviate the concentration factor that affects the stomach contents.
The loose backfill of 20 % relative density was prepared by the water sedimentation method.
It was observed that the relative density was higher at 30 % epoxy containing samples.
2]O), operating temperature 80[degrees]C, medium relative density at 0[degrees]C 1.
For four of the species, we also determined importance values (as determined by relative density, dominance, and frequency), and spatial distribution patterns.

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