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H-2543 HB1186 Relative to fines imposed on Timothy Smith
3) is the variation of g with height relative to the midpoint of each weight stack.
After two years in school, then, Hispanic students were performing better relative to whites than were their black counterparts.
The RIF produces estimated relative risks for any given condition for the population within defined areas around a point source, relative to the population in a local reference region (Aylin et al.
Maas (1987) defined salt tolerance as either increased (i) plant survival, (ii) yield under saline growth conditions, or (iii) reduced depression in yield under saline conditions relative to that under nonsaline conditions (i.
Relative to never-users, current users of estrogen-only therapy had a risk of breast cancer that was increased by about one-third (relative risk, 1.
examining relaxation in quenched waxes relative to non-quenched waxes;
Since a disease is an insurable event, each DRG represents the average resources needed to treat patients grouped to that DRG relative to a national average.
The Model Y501 relative viscometer determines solution viscosities by the viscosity of the sample relative to the reference solvent.
6 percent said they would move their relative to assisted living.
This discount to net asset value, along with P/E multiples and current yield, are the key measures combined to produce the AEW REIT Relative Value Index, a measure developed by AEW to assess the value of REIT shares relative to other types of investment assets.

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