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Our Relax Screen nature video service is a powerful media choice for those who want to relax after a long day," said Dexter Braxton of RelaxScreen.
We will call you for treatments so just sit back, relax and enjoy time for yourself.
Relax more than ticks both boxes - more than a quarter of a century on, it is undimmed and unforgettable.
I find walking in nature helps me relax and I can think more clearly.
The 67-year-old bishop, who said he had never smoked cannabis, described himself as "reluctanty in agreement" with the campaign to relax the law.
Families also need to be educated so that when visiting they, too, along with helping their loved one, can relax.
Now, back to your original question, Is it a good idea to want to get published by a large publishing house so that you can relax and not be concerned with publicity?
Relax Your Mind drinks, marketed by Uni-President Enterprises Corp, are currently available in three flavours: Coffee, Apple and Green tea.
This may seem like a paradox--how can you possibly relax while holding a 70-pound bow at full draw?
Around 1980, Furchgott found that endothelial cells, which line the interior of blood vessels, produce a signaling molecule that causes nearby muscle cells to relax, thus regulating blood pressure.
With Relax the Back's recent acquisition of BackSaver Products Co.