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To put into action, practice, or force; to make use of something, such as a right or option.

To exercise dominion over land is to openly indicate absolute possession and control.

To exercise discretion is to choose between doing and not doing something, the decision being based on sound judgment.


(Discharge a function), verb act, administer, carry into execution, carry on, carry out, conduct, do duty, efficere, engage in, execute, exercere, facere, officiate, perform, practice, pursue, put in motion, put into action, put into effect, put into practice, serve as, translate into action, wage
Associated concepts: authority exercised under the United States Constitution, exercise an option, exercise jurisdiccion, exercise of judicial discretion
Foreign phrases: Cui jurisdictio data est, ea quoque connessa esse videntur, sine quibus jurisdictio explicari non potest.To whomsoever jurisdiction is given, those things also are supposed to be granted, without which the jurissiction cannot be exercised. Frustra est potentia quae nunquam venit in actum. A power is a vain one if it is never exercised.


(Use), verb apply, avail oneself of, bring into play, bring to bear, draw on, employ, make use of, operate, practice, put in action, put in practice, put to use, put to work, turn to account, utilize, wield
Associated concepts: exercise a right to vote, exercise an option, exercise discretion, exercise dominion, exercise due care, exercise of power
See also: act, apply, campaign, commission, discipline, effort, employ, endeavor, enterprise, exert, exploit, labor, officiate, operate, ply, practice, problem, resort, transaction, undertaking, wield, work
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As for the relaxation exercise, a shorter version of Jacobson's and Benson's relaxation techniques which concentrates only on the upper limbs body part was used.
The effects of progressive muscle relaxation exercises on pain###Master###2012###94 patients###Randomized, Single Blind, Controlled, Experimental
2006) shows that the relaxation exercises help the blood flow this works to relieve tension and improves muscle tone.
Maternal preparation for sleep may incorporate a warm bath prior to bedtime, a foot massage, warm noncaffeinated herbal tea before bed, deep breathing, and relaxation exercises before bed.
For the purpose of designing the relaxation exercises most appropriate for the basic sample of the research, the researcher made a review of several references and the related literature and, accordingly, established the proper content in accordance with the opinions of experts.
Smith also takes a more holistic approach, including relaxation exercises, as well as discussing longevity, aging, and active patient participation.
Two CDs accompany the book and provide relaxation exercises and handouts to supplement the interventions.
Particularly, walking and relaxation exercises have direct and rapid effects on an individual's metabolism.
The Flying Without Fear app has an introduction by Branson, a video-based in-flight explanation of a flight, frequently asked questions, relaxation exercises and a fear attack button for emergencies with breathing exercises.
Tompkins and Martinez are both licensed psychologists and practitioners at a San Francisco center for cognitive therapy, and they provide concise and effective tips that include breathing and relaxation exercises, nutrition, sleep, exercise and facing fears "one step at a time.
In addition, you can make the pelvic muscles less tense through a mixture of relaxation exercises and by using dilators which gradually retrain your body to accept penetration.
The DVD features 20 yoga practices designed for the parent, 15 for the baby, soothing songs ideal to sing, mindfulness-based parenting practices, meditation and relaxation exercises, and more.