release from custody

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The IPCC says the figures also take into account "apparent suicides that occur beyond two days of release from custody, where the period spent in custody may be relevant to the subsequent death.
Abreu's release from custody would be forfeited to the state treasurer's office.
POLICE want to find this young gun thug after he broke the terms of his release from custody.
Judge Simon Tonking said: "You committed this offence just a week after your release from custody.
The governor said around 100 supporters of jailed Defense Minister Isabekov Isakov rallied in front of the Alay rayon state administration today demanding to release from custody.
SANTA CLARITA - Twelve adults and a juvenile were arrested Thursday in an early-morning sweep of 19 homes to check whether people on parole or probation were abiding by the terms of their release from custody.
The district court dismissed the case, finding that the inmate could not seek release from custody in a [section] 1983 action.
The Norfolk farmer's MP, Henry Bellingham, said it was no coincidence that Fearon was freed just days before 58-year-oldMartin's expected release from custody today.
5] Offenders who commit a criminal sexual act against a minor or commit any sexually violent offense must register for a period of 10 years from the date of their release from custody or supervision.
Stefan Kolodynski, defending Leonard, said: "He had been celebrating his release from custody over another matter that was eventually discontinued and he got blind drunk.
We feel that the release from custody of Karen Terteryan, Rafael Gevorgyan and Anait Msryan will not contribute to our community's ongoing safety and social health,'' the letter read.
Judge Michael Challinor further ruled James Morris should stay on licence for another five years after his release from custody.