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has issued a promissory note to First Federal, in the principal amount of $761,000 (the "Promissory Note"), which Promissory Note will provide additional assurance that the Released Parties will perform their obligations under the Settlement Agreement.
Scientists working in the Livermore Lab's National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center used weather and wind flow data over topographical maps to determine how a release might spread over the area if it came from the surrounding mountainous areas, or if it was released in the Salt Lake basin.
RCA Victor Group has an ambitious and exciting line-up of new classical recordings to be released worldwide in the coming months and throughout 2002.
19% after it announced its Secur@ccess division has released the newest version of its FasTraq intrusion prevention system.
CodeWarrior for Windows, Professional Edition Release 5 is the largest and most significant update to a product we have ever released," said Greg Galanos, president and chief technology officer, Metrowerks.
These tools will be released to all CodeWarrior licensees as a part of CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Release 5, which ships in June.
Using computer modeling, a state-funded study released last week estimated the meltdown released 300 times more radiation than the infamous accident at Three-Mile Island -- considered the worst in the nation's history -- and may have triggered at least 260 cancer cases.
Molds remain clean; no solvent vapors are released.
In discussions undertaken in light of the pending effective date of the Freedom of Information Act, the Committee agreed that information about monetary policy decisions should be made available to the public on a timely basis but that caution was needed so that the information released would not impair the Committee's ability to formulate and implement policy.
The ease with which parts released from the molds has been judged to be equal or superior to what was achieved with the customer's own mixture, and the surface cosmetics of the parts were considered superior, according to the company.
Perhaps the most vexing problem facing the criminal justice system in the United States today is how to deal with offenders who have "paid their debt to society" and are released from a structured correctional setting back into the community.
Wall Street was taken by surprise, in large part because the companies' cash flow statements--where the warning signs existed--weren't released until weeks after their quarterly earnings press releases (Lucent also did not include a balance sheet in its quarterly earnings releases at the time).

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