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SEB LARSSON has admitted: "I'm sick of relegation battles.
Larsson has become a specialist at coping with relegation pressure, and said: "It's not nice.
9) With the recent millionaire deals struck by the most famous European leagues it is becoming ever more crucial to avoid relegation.
Relegation is a scary word for most football fans but every season three teams have to face this adverse occurrence in each of the big five leagues.
Paul Caddis wheels away to celebrate after his dramatic injury-time equaliser, which saved Blues from relegation.
The Blues players get the party started |in front of the travelling fans after their thrilling escape from relegation at the Reebok Stadium.
With relegations you get things like youngsters being thrown in to sink or swim, a rapid turnover of players from game to game and a lack of morale.
This took place at the Abbey Stadium against relegation rivals Cambridge United and, after a goalless first half, City completely fell apart after the break to lose 5-0.
The ramifications of relegation to the Championship have been assessed inside Upton Park.
Relegation will ensure there will be no permanent deal for the former England left-back.
I was amused to read David's comments that he would rather his side suffered relegation every other season than be like Middlesbrough," he said.
David is a good friend but I can only assume relegation has affected his thinking a little.