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I believe that if you asked my colleagues from Albania or Bulgaria, they would probably say the same - that the relentlessness is in Skopje and not Athens," he said.
But he added that the relentlessness that is inherent in IT development will create growth despite any attempt to hinder it.
That is why it is tough, you are up against players that have that relentlessness.
That is why it is tough, you are up against players who have that relentlessness.
Her astonishing vocal control and ceaselessly inventive scatting get a workout at various points, including a ripping take on AoStomping at the SavoyAo that has all the relentlessness drive of a cartoon locomotive.
The author frames his exploration with four basic trends: the relentlessness of change, growing empowerment of consumers and entrepreneurs, increasing tension between centralized and decentralized decision making, and progress toward controlling and regulating business.
This latest collaboration comes to reaffirm the company's relentlessness toward furthering its network of partnerships and taking its expansion to other markets as well.
His) relentlessness, in Alfred's case, is the best I've ever had as a coach.
His new show - What It Is - sees a return to his first love of stand-up "The relentlessness of modern life is a strong theme in this show," said Dylan, who also tries to make sense of politics, religion, celebrity and parenting.
You know, he s a good, strong player, but it s the relentlessness that he keeps going with, and he keeps playing within his ability and to his ability.
I think it's the relentlessness, the need to stuff the viewer with every conceivable bit of uninteresting information which surely gives potential clients the impression that ADP will be heavy going.
Two things are striking about this part of the tale: his constant efforts to resurrect old, quasi-abandoned statutes to pursue current ends, and the relentlessness with which Spitzer moved to expand the office in new ways that trampled on the bureaucratic turf of others.