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Registrants to BlueVenn Relevance will also receive a complimentary copy of the Real-Time Marketing Tactical Guide to download, along with a pass to access all three sessions.
When interesting content and embedded brand information are relevant to each other, this relevance will highlight brand association and become a peripheral cue to recognizing the advertised brand (Garretson & Burton, 2005).
Led by Rosnowski, Relevance New York clients have included: Greystone, OPPENHEIM Architecture, Tamarkin Co.
Describing temporal characteristics to evaluate the query relevance.
I lead a lot of planning sessions and the question of relevance is paramount.
Elevating Excellence - Defining Choices that Lead to Relevance provides the tools for making right choices that will result in relevance, impact lives, transform your organization, and raise your personal standard of excellence.
Identified outcome measures will be used to determine the degree of achieving relevance to the members.
Second is to forward the messages according to their relevance value [6].
Every business should regularly conduct relevance audits, analyzing the factors that determine their relevance to the marketplace, determining their current measure of relevance, and doing their best to predict their likelihood of relevance in the future.
The usual reaction to my concern about any lack of relevance indication is that Google doesn't do it.
The second key difference was the choice (at the beginning more by assumption than deliberate selection) of relevance as the underlying, basic notion: