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The president himself is rated as a reliable source of information about Iraq by 50% of Americans and the vice president is viewed as a reliable source by 46%.
Highly Reliable Storage and Verifiable Recoverability
For the delivery of non-multimedia, reliable traffic via IP multicast, several proprietary protocols exist, including the Multicast File Transport Protocol (MFTP), the Multicast Transport Protocol (MTP), and the Reliable Adaptive Multicast Protocol (RAMP).
Panasonic has delivered reliable, durable mobile solutions through its Toughbook[R] line of notebook computers for thirteen years and has expanded the boundaries of wireless technology through a broad portfolio of products, ranging from fully rugged, industrial strength notebook computers and tablet PCs to thin and light semi-rugged notebooks.
For more than eight years, Panasonic has forged partnerships with industry leaders to deliver reliable integrated wireless solutions.
The Bountiful Router was developed in response to businesses' demand for a constant, abundant and reliable wireless signal.
ExaGrid sits behind existing backup applications, such as BrightStor ARCserve Backup, providing faster and more reliable backups and restores.
Entering into an agreement with Western Union(R) has been the natural choice to provide fast, reliable and secure money transfer services to our customers across all countries where we are present.
Frost stated, "We are extremely excited to have this opportunity to join forces with an established company like Reliable which has proven over a 15 year period to be a successful business providing professional heating and cooling services to Connecticut customers.
GPS RADIONOVA is ideally suited for embedded GPS applications in small form factors enabling reliable high performance navigation systems in portable and handheld devices," stated Greg McCray, CEO of Antenova.
Ranch Networks understands the need for reliable VoIP service," said Ram Ayyakad, founder and CEO of Ranch Networks.
The drive also is reliable, with a meantime-between-failure rating of 300,000 hours.

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