relieve pressure

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Mothers can start sitting on the birthing ball throughout their pregnancies in order to prepare the pelvis and relieve pressure.
Further along that route, Austrian police moved to relieve pressure which they feared could lead to violence, removing barriers at an overcrowded collection point at a border crossing with Slovenia.
Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England, said fire services' 670,000 home checks each year were a "golden opportunity" to relieve pressure on hospitals.
Boss seeking to relieve pressure IT is noted that beleaguered children's services departments boss Councillor Brigid Jones has adopted an idiom 'if I can't beat them, join them',' by admitting at this early stage it was "unlikely" the department would be deemed "good" or "safe" at the time of its next unannounced Ofsted inspection (Mail, June 4).
To relieve pressure on the nerve(s) caused by narrowing of the canal in which the nerve runs, your surgeon will take out a piece of bone from the back of the spine.
So people who were to be treated elsewhere to relieve pressure on A&E are now directed to the former A&E during the night.
This simple measure would relieve pressure on our A&E services around the country.
LABOUR is calling an emergency House of Commons debate this week to urge the Government to help relieve pressure on accident and emergency departments, amidst reports of a rise in cancelled operations.
The instructor in the Critical Culture, Gender and Race Studies department underwent surgery to remove part of his skull to relieve pressure and treat bleeding on his brain.
The decision will immediately relieve pressure on Spain which in June sought a 100 billion euro rescue for its troubled banks.
He has been in hospital in Florence since then and was medically induced into a coma shortly after an operation to relieve pressure on the brain.
Doctors at Morriston University Hospital in Swansea, Wales, say the former striker is "getting stronger" after an emergency operation to relieve pressure on his brain.