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He added the Islamic Republic of Iran's measures for paving the way for followers of different religions to freely perform their religious rituals, have astonished the world.
v) Some insight into aspects of this current debate can be gained from examining a representative sample of preindustrial societies for their patterns of religious ritual restriction.
3 -- 4 -- color) Ashkan Farida, center, is flanked by male friends at his party at the Tarzana country club, which resembled a celebration for a bar mitzvah, except for the lack of religious ritual.
In the ethnic urban context, religious ritual can be read as another form of alternative behavior.
The Dalai was attacked for failing to follow religious mandates and therefore, government officials insist, his attempt to select the Panchen Lama runs "counter to the dignified and deeply felt religious rituals of Buddhism, and [is] a calamity for Tibet and its religion.
Hisham AlJundi Doha The Hajj pilgrims from Qatar are in the dark about their annual religious ritual this year as authorities in Saudi Arabia are reportedly not responding to calls from the Qatari Hajj and Umrah Department in the wake of the blockade imposed on Qatar by four Arab countries.
Scholars of religion and anthropology examine the interference and interaction of spaces/places/sites, ideas and representations, and practices in religious ritual.
This monograph on ancient Greek religious ritual provides an examination and analysis of the textural artifact outlining the rules of ceremony for one of the lesser known Mysteries, or religious cults.
Officials of the Iraqi holy city of Karbala which hosts the shrines of Muslim Shiites' third Imam, Imam Hossein (AS), and his brother Hazrat Abbas (AS) had announced earlier that the city is prepared to provide security for pilgrims during the annual religious ritual of Arba'een, the 40th day after Ashoura which marks martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hossein (AS).
The religious ritual of sacrificing existed long before Islam.
But smoke and an explosion were seen as pilgrims converged on nearby Kerbala for the Shia religious ritual of Ashura.