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xi) Victoria Erickson, building on past sociological insights of Weber and Chodorow, maintains that often violence is justified by religious institutions in the control of women's reproductive and sexual abilities (xii), but the most dynamic perspective was Nancy Jay's theoretical examination of religious ritual dynamics of unilineal descent systems.
3 -- 4 -- color) Ashkan Farida, center, is flanked by male friends at his party at the Tarzana country club, which resembled a celebration for a bar mitzvah, except for the lack of religious ritual.
In the ethnic urban context, religious ritual can be read as another form of alternative behavior.
The Dalai was attacked for failing to follow religious mandates and therefore, government officials insist, his attempt to select the Panchen Lama runs "counter to the dignified and deeply felt religious rituals of Buddhism, and [is] a calamity for Tibet and its religion.
As for the relationship of the puppets to the piece, Simpson said, ``In addition to their ability to embody uncanny duplicity, these puppets and their anti-gravitational qualities are perfectly equipped to convey the sense of physical transcendence in ecstatic religious ritual.
Reflecting this quest for seemingly obsolete though still patent modes of communication was the installation Aus Dir (Out of you), 2001, Althoff's investigation into transgressive forms of religious ritual, shown at Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne.
At the second birthday gathering (after George dies), the town is celebrating not only George's memory but their kinship with each other--another example of religious ritual cast in a secular mold.
Louise Bruit Zaidman, John Scheid and Monique Alexandre examine women's involvement in Greek, Roman, Jewish and early Christian religious ritual and action.
But the material items they leave behind won't compare with the level of enthusiasm and commitment to Judaism and religious ritual they hope to inspire within the Polish-Jewish community.
The religious ritual of sacrificing existed long before Islam.
Police are investigating one theory that she was killed in a religious ritual.
I distrust the alchemy that transforms religious ritual into collective rationality and uncovers instinctive wisdom in the totems and taboos of a tribal people.