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Reportedly, ReLive is an international, randomised phase III trial aiming at demonstrating the efficacy of Livatag versus best standard of care on survival in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (primary liver cancer) after failure or intolerance to sorafenib.
TRIBUTE SHOW: Theatregoers can relive the steamy performances from the film
US President Barack Obama hammered Republicans on Saturday over their newly unveiled campaign agenda, calling the opposition party's economic ideas "an echo of a disastrous decade we can't afford to relive.
Relive it with online pictures, memories and games.
In this study, religion is performance in which the process of reenactment permits the faithful to relive and revisit all that is sacred.
Holding onto a past that is gone or trying to relive a dead past," Froehle says, "carries huge costs in lost opportunities.
so they can relive the Cardinal sin of that two-grand-slams-in-one-inning hurt he put on Chan Ho Park many moonshots ago?
Upcoming electronic field trips will delve into the science of speed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and visit the Manzanar War Relocation Center to relive the experience of interred Japanese Americans.
If the prosecutor knew Foxx was innocent, why force her to hire and pay for a lawyer, explain and relive the horror of the abuse visited on her by her husband, make her visualize and relive the day of the shooting, and cause her to live with the dread of a possible murder charge looming over her head for months?
For your friends' coffee tables: Relive the 1970s with the photos and stories in Bar Mitzvah Disco (Crown, $23.
The book does not try to explain suffering but to recreate and commemorate it, to relive the tragedy so that disobedience will not happen again.
YOU'VE seen the film King Arthur starring the likes of Ioan Grufudd and Clive Owen - now it's time to relive the legends.