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Eliminates certain exceptions to requirements for uniform contract line item numbering, to promote standardization in contract writing; and relocates to PGI, procedures for use and numbering of contract exhibits and attachments.
While the law states that the redevelopment plan would not be valid if a California team relocates to the Coliseum, the staff report expresses concern that the enforcement language is too vague.
corporations to relocate offshore; and--as noted elsewhere in this issue (see the article on page 21)--the outright transfer of U.
It is called REAP, or Relocation Employment Assistance Program, and it offers a tax incentive for eligible businesses that relocate from south of 96th Street in Manhattan, or from outside the city, to "eligible areas.
Employers that relocate employees overseas often reimburse them for the added taxes they may incur in a foreign country.
Deletes unnecessary text on structuring of contracts and unnecessary cross-references; updates policy on source selection evaluation factors; and relocates to PGI, procedures for preparation of source selection plans and examples of source selection evaluation factors.
A mountain lion approached two teen-agers near Chatsworth Reservoir recently and was spotted nearby six other times, but wildlife officials said Friday they won't try to capture and relocate the cat until they believe it poses a danger.
Deletes unnecessary text on contract modifications; clarifies procedures for determining if a request for equitable adjustment requires contractor certification; and relocates to PGI, procedures for identifying foreign military sales requirements, for obligating or deobligating contract funds, and for review and definitization of change orders.
Deletes unnecessary cross-references and general statements regarding hazard warning labels and a drug-free workplace; relocates text on ozone-depleting substances to a more appropriate location within the DFARS; relocates to PGI, internal DoD procedures on safety precautions for ammunition and explosives and use of recovered materials; and revises the title of DFARS Part 223 for consistency with the title of FAR Part 23.
By being active in these committees, whenever a new corporation relocates to our area, we have the first opportunity to present our services and how we may assist their business
Proposed change increases the dollar thresholds for preparation of written acquisition plans; updates acquisition planning requirements for consistency with changes to the DoD 5000 series publications; deletes unnecessary text relating to contract administration and class justifications for other than full and open competition; clarifies requirements for funding of leases; and relocates to Procedures, Guidance, and Information (PGI) at <http://www.
The charge principally reflects the difference between the cost associated with the Company's current lease at its headquarters and the anticipated revenue from subletting that space after NGC relocates downtown in the first quarter of 1997.