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Additional research examining the relative conspicuousness of the Relume Signal Eyes device among individuals with low vision who have a range of acuity levels and eye diseases as well as elderly visually impaired individuals is warranted.
In parking garage lighting, RAB Lighting and Relume Technologies were commended.
In the alternative fuels/clean energy sector, we have successful companies like Roush CleanTech in Livonia, EarthTronics in Muskegon, and Relume Technologies in Oxford, and the very-successful Hemlock Semiconductor division of Dow Corning.
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Qisda, Relume Technologies, Royal Philips Electronics, Sagem Defense Securite, Samsung Electronics, Schott AG, Sharp Corporation, Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park, Shenzhen SED Industry Co.
Nanosys, Osram GmbH, Royal Philips Electronics, Relume Technologies Inc.
Founding members of association include DTE Energy, ilumisys, LEDOS, Lumatek International, Midwest Circuits, Relume Technologies, the Michigan Department of Energy Labor & Economic Growth, University of Michigan, Wayne State University and XUS LED Lighting.
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Lumenis (Nasdaq:LUME) will also introduce a series of new aesthetic devices at the AAD show, including the ClearLight for acne treatment and ReLume for scars and stretchmarks.
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