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For an instant I thought of relying on my earthly muscles and agility to escape the banths and reach the balcony, which I could easily have done, but I could not bring myself to desert the faithful Woola and leave him to die alone beneath the cruel fangs of the hungry banths; that is not the way upon Barsoom, nor was it ever the way of John Carter.
A quarter of those who called on unofficial rescuers for help had to be towed by friends and family, with young drivers relying heavily on their parents for assistance, the report said.
The team focused on reducing part validation timing, which was accomplished through several processes, including reuse of more parts from the sibling GMT-900-based SUVs--Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade--while relying on suppliers to take on more part validation responsibilities.
Instead of relying on email for mass communication, for example, I now use the course platform's built-in Announcements tool.
By faithfully relying on security devices that (a) protect the network perimeter and (b) rely on signature-based technology, the hackers have now devised attacks to take advantage of this paradigm.
Additionally unrealistic is a practitioner relying on another practitioner's opinion, unless the practitioner responsible for the overall opinion "knows or should know" the unreliability of the other practitioner's opinion.
These days, help desks are relying on networked systems and the web to accomplish scores of tasks remotely.
People who have been doing this for many years get even simpler with their food preparation, often using only a knife and cutting board, if that, and relying more on locally grown produce.
Avoid the mistake of depriving it of water or relying on superficial irrigation to meet its water needs.
Once we rely on these wonder materials and technologies to perform building functions rather than relying on the architectural elements they replaced, the next logical step is to entirely remove the functional role once played by the architectural elements.
Your clients will be happier with risk-based audits because they get you away from the frustrating practice of not relying on internal controls that the client already knows will work to prevent material misstatements.
By contrast, the Validation Approach involves retaining metadata with the transaction record that shows the party relying on the signature checked and validated it at the time of the transaction.