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Hodgson held his nerve with the conversion from wide out to get to within bonus-point territory, a kick which handed his side further impetus in their quest to remail a Premiership entity.
0 is based on reMail, an open source Project by Google.
While there were six requests to remail hard copies of the questionnaire, there were no requests for email versions of the survey instrument.
The bombing included the areas of Al-Tamor, Abu Remail, Aljabat and Um Daraba in West Darfur state.
More realistic explanations for the falloff include the mailing of duplicate names--unless the list owner agrees to segregate the names from the test segment, any nth name selection for a remail will include a certain number of duplicates from the test.
Be prepared to follow up with a special "reminder" mailing or a phone call, or remail the original packet.
School officials in Austin, Texas, are preparing to reprint and remail about 35,000 report cards sent to the wrong households because of a faulty computer program.
Of these presenting companies, 56% have received funding -- totaling over $587 million -- while 9% have been acquired by the likes of Google (WearDrobe, reMail and Apture Highlights), Apple (Siri), Opentable (Foodspotting) and Huffington Post (Localocracy).
HTI also deploys hardware for for automating the return mail lifecycle, including bar code readers, remail printers and the proprietary software to drive the devices
We had to remail materials to 39 percent of the treatment group members who said they did not receive the first mailing because we were asking beneficiaries to look at the materials before their interview.
In the nonprofit arena, remail is used most often by organizations soliciting donations that wish the mail to have the appearance of originating in the same country as the person addressed.